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NetXcom was founded in 2008 and the core business of NetXcom is the valued added distribution of products and solutions which accelerates enablement of next generation Networks (Net) and Communication (com) through the Internet of Things, better known as the IoT. The X represents the eXcellence we are building in our business operating model and the enablement of digitalisation and optimisation of the IoT opportunity for our reseller community.

Digitalisation has very much become part of the day-to-day experience for many internet and technology users without us even observing, our digital lives are evolving at an unprecedented rate. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the use of intelligently connected devices and systems to leverage data gathered by embedded sensors and actuators in machines and other physical objects. IoT is expected to spread rapidly over the coming years and this convergence will unleash a new dimension of services that improve the quality of life of consumers and productivity of enterprises, unlocking an opportunity that many Telco and similar organisations refer to as the “Connected Life”.

Digitalisation and the Internet of things

Digitalisation is about supporting companies to find the best way of achieving business goals, by using digital technology. Digitalisation is more than a mere IT phenomenon; rather, it’s about applying solutions from this sector in order to solve a business challenge arising from social change and consumer expectations.

Digitalisation is influencing every aspect of our daily lives, from gathering the news to the billing process. It is assisting businesses in making tasks efficient and more accurate. Digital migration is fast becoming one of the defining social trends of the decade. But most businesses still don’t recognise its importance, or understand how to migrate to a digitalised world.

Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions (a subset of the IoT) already use wireless networks to connect devices to each other and the Internet, with minimal direct human intervention, to deliver services that meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

The Internet of Things represents an evolution of M2M through the coordination of multiple vendors’ machines, devices and appliances connected to the Internet through multiple networks.

In 2013, M2M connections accounted for 2.8% of global mobile connections (195 million), indicating that the sector is still at a relatively early stage in its development. There are significant regional variations between more established markets, such as Europe, North America and Africa, where M2M’s share of total connections exceeds the global average, and rapidly developing markets, such as Asia and Africa, which have experienced annual growth of 55% a year between 2010 and 2013.

While the potential impact of the IoT is considerable, a concerted effort is required to move beyond this early stage. In order to optimise the development of the market, a common understanding of the distinct nature of the opportunity is required. To date, Telco operators have identified the following key distinctive features:

  1. The Internet of Things can enable the next wave of life-enhancing services across several fundamental sectors of the economy
  2. Meeting the needs of customers may require global distribution models and consistent global services
  3. The Internet of Things presents an opportunity for new commercial models to support mass global deployments
  4. The majority of revenue will arise from the provision of value-added services and System Integrators and Telco operators are building new capabilities to enable these new service areas
  5. Device and application behaviour will place new and varying demands on pervasive networks.

As the Internet of Things evolves, the proliferation of smart connected devices supported by communication networks, providing pervasive and seamless connectivity, will unlock opportunities to provide life-enhancing services for consumers while boosting productivity for enterprises. As can be seen in figure below, fourteen industry sectors are likely to show significant adoption of IoT service, and at NetXcom we continually development new frameworks for each of the 14 industry sectors to capture the disruptive opportunities presented by this digitalisation age.


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